Ezra Levant is the founder and owner of Rebel News and the host of The Ezra Levant Show. He is the author of multiple best-selling books including Ethical Oil and most recently, China Virus.


Sheila Gunn Reid is host of the weekly The Gunn Show with Sheila Gunn Reid. She's a mother of three, a conservative activist, and the author of best-selling books including Stop Notley.


Street Church Ministries is a multi-denominational, multi-ethnical ministry of believers, who have been reborn in the spirit of the Lord, coming together to take part in the call of Acts 1:8. Their vision is to give everyone an opportunity to respond to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through the proclamation of the full Gospel. They envision a Street Church in every city and town in Canada, and around the world.

Street Church Ministries is involved in evangelism every week in the city of Calgary where they go out by the power of the Holy Spirit to proclaim the full gospel, giving everyone the opportunity to respond to Jesus.


Dr. Julie Ponesse has a PhD in Philosophy (Western, 2008) with areas of specialization in ethics and ancient philosophy.

She has a Masters in Philosophy with Collaborative Specialization in Bioethics from the University of Toronto and a Diploma in Ethics from the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University. Dr. Ponesse has published in the areas of ancient philosophy, ethical theory, and applied ethics, and has taught at universities in Canada and the US for 20 years.

In the fall of 2021, Dr. Ponesse saw her academic career of 20 years fall apart after she refused to comply with a Canadian university's COVID vaccine mandate. In response, Dr. Ponesse recorded a special video directed to her first-year ethics students. That video went viral.

Since the release of that video, Dr. Ponesse has joined The Democracy Fund as the Ethics Scholar focussing on educating the public on civil liberties. She published a book about her experiences with the mandates called My Choice: The Ethical Case Against the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates, due to appear as a reprint with new forward for release December 2022.


Lord Conrad Black is a Canadian-born British peer, and former publisher of The London Daily Telegraph, The Spectator, The Chicago Sun-Times, The Jerusalem Post, and founder of Canada's National Post.

He is a columnist and regular contributor to several publications, including the National Review Online, The New Criterion, The National Interest, American Greatness, The New York Sun, and the National Post.

Lord Black is an experienced financier, was the head of the Argus and Hollinger corporate groups for many years, and remains active in this field in a number of private companies.

He is a graduate of Carleton (Ottawa), Laval (Quebec), and McGill (Montreal) universities, and is an accomplished historian with a prolific body of work.

As an acclaimed author and biographer, Lord Black has published comprehensive histories of both Canada and the United States, as well as authoritative biographies of Maurice Duplessis, and presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard Nixon and Donald Trump.

Lord Black is also a television and radio commentator and a sporadic participant in the current affairs programming of CNN, Fox News, CTV, CBC, BBC, and Radio Canada.


David “The Menzoid” Menzies is the Rebel News "Mission Specialist." The Menzoid is equal parts outrageous and irreverent as he dares to ask the type of questions those in the Media Party would rather not ponder.


Based in British Columbia, Drea Humphrey reports on Western Canada for Rebel News. Drea’s reporting is not afraid to challenge political correctness, or ask the tough questions that mainstream media tends to avoid.


John Carpay was born in the Netherlands, and grew up in British Columbia. He earned his B.A. in Political Science at Laval University in Quebec City, and his LL.B. from the University of Calgary. Fluent in English, French, and Dutch, John served the Canadian Taxpayers Federation as Alberta Director from 2001 to 2005, advocating for lower taxes, less waste, and accountable government. Called to the Bar in 1999, he has been an advocate for freedom and the rule of law in constitutional cases across Canada.

As the founder and president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, John has devoted his legal career to defending constitutional freedoms through litigation and education. He considers it a privilege to advocate for courageous and principled clients who take great risks – and make tremendous personal sacrifices – by resisting the unjust demands of intolerant government authorities. In 2010, John received the Pyramid Award for Ideas and Public Policy in recognition of his work in constitutional advocacy, and his success in building up and managing a non-profit organization to defend citizens’ freedoms.


Marco Van Huigenbos is a Fort Macleod town councillor in Alberta, a small business owner, and a family man. Marco now faces a charge of mischief over $5,000 - along with Alex, and George - in relation to the Coutts Blockade. This event took place as part of national demonstrations which were ongoing simultaneously in protest of vaccine mandates and COVID restrictions. This blockade was entirely peaceful, and decidedly ended itself to affirm their stance of supporting peaceful demonstrations. This event saw COVID restrictions lift in Alberta, and was a catalyst for the stepping down of former Premier Jason Kenney. Months later RCMP charged Marco in relation to their allegation that he was a ‘key participant’ of this event, and have left a combined 30-year prison sentence looming over the future of these three men. Rebel News has crowdfunded Williamson Law through TruckerDefenceFund.ca to fight tirelessly for them in court.


Andrew Lawton is the host of The Andrew Lawton Show and a senior journalist at True North. He is the author of the #1 bestseller The Freedom Convoy: The Inside Story of Three Weeks that Shook the World. Previously, Andrew hosted a daily talk show for Global News Radio, where he was heard on 980 CFPL in London, 770 CHQR in Calgary, and 640 Toronto. His written work has been published in the National Post, the Washington Post, across the Sun chain, and on FoxNews.com.


In March 1972 Brian was elected the first Progressive Conservative MHA in the history of the riding at age 29. Later that year he became Special and Parliamentary Assistant to the then Premier, Frank Moores.

In 1974 he was appointed Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing and in 1976 Minister of Mines and Energy.

In March 1979 Brian won the Progressive Conservative leadership convention and became the third Premier of the Province since Confederation . He was at 36 the youngest first minister of Newfoundland since the First Prime Minister , Phillip Little in 1855.

Brian became a strong advocate of Provincial Rights as manifested in his efforts to gain some control and revenues from the newly developing offshore oil and gas resources culminating in The Atlantic Accord. This groundbreaking Agreement brought revenues to the Province as if the resources were on land , over $30 Billion to date, and a say in the management of the resource.

Brian was involved in the Constitutional Patriation Process of the early 1980’s leading to the Constitution Act of 1982. It was Newfoundland ‘s proposal presented at the Conference that led to the breakthrough. Brian is the only living First Minister of that Constitutional Process .

Mr. Peckford retired from politics in March 1989 and began a consulting company with his wife , Carol , assisting companies in Europe and North America.

He has written two books , the last, ‘Some Day The Sun Will Shine And Have Not Will Be No More’, a Globe and Mail best seller in 2012.

He has received awards as an Outstanding Young Canadian and the Outstanding Contribution Award from the Newfoundland Ocean Industries Association. He was sword to the Privy Council by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in 1982.

Brian has conducted inquires on behalf of the British Columbia Government and the Government of Canada .

He retired in 2001 and presently lives in Parksville, British Columbia.


Derek Fildebrandt is Publisher, President & CEO of Western Standard New Media Corp. based in Calgary. He served from 2015-2019 as an Alberta MLA & Wildrose finance critic. From 2009-2014 he worked for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.


Dr. Hodkinson is a medical specialist in pathology, a graduate of Cambridge University and a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. During his long career he has had a number of leadership roles in Canadian medicine both provincially and nationally, including being a university teacher, chairman of the Royal College pathology examination committee, and laboratory accreditation inspector. He was previously the President of the Alberta Society of Laboratory Physicians, an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Alberta, and CEO of community based medical laboratories in Canada, Michigan and California with a full menu of testing for infectious disease and virology. He is currently the Chairman of an American biotechnology company active in DNA sequencing. But he is most proud of his role for many years in public health advocacy as Honorary Chairman of ASH, Action on Smoking and Health, which is the leading non-profit organization in Canada tackling the predatory marketing strategies of Big Tobacco, and for which he was made Citizen of the Year in Edmonton, Alberta. He also wishes to note that for a number of years he was the President of the Sir Winston Spencer Churchill Society of Edmonton, which is the oldest Churchill society in the world and the only one endorsed by Churchill himself.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson

Palminder Singh is an investigative journalist based in Toronto, Canada. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he started to create content surrounding the often under-reported freedom convoy. His work started a movement of minds which has united the average Canadian to relook at Government policies surrounding COVID-19, vaccinations and the financial spending that has taken place. His voice has been instrumental via social media platforms with over 60k following his news feeds. Unfortunately, he faces a daily battle with TikTok and Instagram as his pages are often closed down without explanation.



Robbie Picard is driven by his passionate belief in truth – including telling the truth about the tremendous benefits the oil sands industry has brought to Alberta, and all of Canada.

Whether as a key element of the “I (heart) Oil Sands” movement or “Oil Sands Strong”, the brand he independently created, Robbie has invested time, money, and hard work in not just defending but also promoting the Alberta oil sands industry. Fearless when confronting misinformation, Robbie has boldly challenged oil sands detractors from Neil Young to Jane Fonda. The video of Robbie confronting Fonda has been viewed around the world and set the stage for dialogue on the role celebrities should – or should not – play when industry and environment meet.

Robbie has been invited to speak across Canada as he continues his oil sands advocacy; he is a trusted advisor to many in the industry and acts as a connector between the oil sands and a world that remains reliant on oil production. His ardent and articulate defense of the industry has resulted in national media attention ranging from The Rebel to CBC.

The Oil Sands Strong movement encompasses Canadians of every demographic and revolves around Robbie’s ardent belief in an industry that has become integral to the Canadian economy, quality of life, and future success.


Chad is a seasoned lawyer and an advocate for liberty. He is known for his strong sense of justice and a flair for courtroom advocacy. Born and raised in Calgary and taking pride in his Alberta upbringing, Chad brings accomplishment, cunning, and skill to all areas of legal practice. He and his firm have scored multiple, well-renowned, and repeated victories in Courts across the province and country on behalf of hundreds of clients. He and his team stand proudly in the public sphere in stern and steadfast defence of freedom, the constitution, and the people of Alberta.



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